Flexer & Sandiland

MBAS provides full management services to the company. This includes company and project management, marketing, fundraising, tour booking, education co-ordination, negotiating contracts, scheduling, booking travel and accommodation, strategically advising the company and developing partners for future projects.

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Directed by award winning choreographer Yael Flexer and digital artist Nic Sandiland, Flexer & Sandiland create live and digital installation work (for theatres, galleries, screens and large outdoor spaces), alongside an extensive programme of commissions and tailor-made training for youth and community groups and professional development settings.

Yael and Nic’s work centres on the generating of a sense of intimacy in live performance and digital installation, in a way which acknowledges the physicality and presence of the viewer. Works offer acute observations on the everyday and the mundane using pedestrian movement and gesture as well as working with dancers and non-dancers as performers within digital works.

Described by the press as “dance that is unforced, unaffected, charming and smart” (Time Out) and with “a gently deviant sense of humour” (The Guardian), the work blends fast-paced choreography with informal banter and a wry humour.

“Yael Flexer and Nic Sandiland’s work challenge the traditional boundaries between performers, audience and choreographers.” – Music OMH

The company offers four distinct areas of work:

    - Live performances in a range of theatre, studio & non-theatrical spaces
    - Digital installations
    - A programme of professional training and mentoring for dance and interdisciplinary artists
    - A range of participatory activities (for groups ages 12+) including technique, choreography or repertory workshops, dance and film projects, film/editing and new technology workshops.

The company’s previous work The Living Room (2010/11) was the most successful project to date touring to over 26 venues across the UK and internationally to great acclaim (including sell-out performances in Tel-Aviv, Israel).

Digital installation work from Nic Sandiland continues to tour the UK and internationally including Orbital and Gravity Shift, which can fit into foyer and gallery spaces. Also available is the shop front installation Everything Looks Beautiful In Slow Motion, which has been designed and created especially for empty shop spaces but can also be adapted to suit other unusual spaces.

“Dance that is unforced, unaffected, charming and smart” - Time Out

The company’s new work Weightless celebrates Yael’s 20th Anniversary and carries her recognisable stamp of witty text and humour combined with emotionally driven physicality and tight and complex choreographic composition. Complementing the live work is the new interactive installation Trip Hazard created especially for the BBC Big Screens and is available for large outdoor public plazas as well as for foyer and gallery spaces.

The company also creates bespoke events for local groups and councils and specifically for rural communities and most recently was commissioned by West Sussex County County to create a promenade performance with local young people called The Living Room Outside.

For more information visit www.flexerandsandiland.com and to stay up to date with activities then go to the company’s page on Facebook

Flexer and Sandiland has a number of productions and digital installations currently available for touring